Collectable Zippo Lighter Values

Collectible Memorabilia – Zippos

Collectible Memorabilia – Zippos

Almost from the moment the Zippo Company started in 1933, Zippo lighters became one of the stars of collectible memorabilia. Zippo lighters are small, lightweight, easy to carry, relatively inexpensive and have a surface area that lends itself to any type of personalization. In the seventy-seven years that the Zippo Company has made lighters they have produced thousands of lighters that are valued elements of collectible memorabilia. The simple design and high quality of the Zippo lighter is symbol of American industrial skill. They offer thousands of designs that are a miniature snapshot of American history, culture, and values. Because the Zippo lighter case has had custom designs of almost every famous event, person, sport or place, it has become a prime example of collectible memorabilia.

What are types of Zippo collective memorabilia?
Because it is impossible to collect all Zippos, most people interested in Zippo collectible memorabilia collect groups or themed Zippo lighters. Such themes might be animals, flowers, cars, sports teams, company advertising, military history or insignia, historical events, movie titles, specific year of manufacture or Zippo lighters made of a particular material. This list of Zippo collectible memorabilia themes is far, far from exhaustive. It barely scratches the surface of what is available. Experienced and avid collectors collect early models or unique examples or test prototypes.

Who collects Zippo collective memorabilia?

Many different people enjoy Zippo collective memorabilia. Zippo lighters have been sold worldwide for decades. There are as many international collectors outside the United States as there are in the United States.

What is the value of Zippo collective memorabilia?

The first rule of assessing or anticipating the value of a collectible is to remember that something is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay for it. Bearing that in mind, it can be said that certain Zippos generally always have a value in the collective memorabilia market. Some of the valuable Zippos are Camel (cigarette) Zippos, Zippos celebrating the Hard Rock Café or Zippo lighters used in movie productions.

As is so common today, valuable collectibles are being faked. Zippos are not immune to this problem. Any “Zippo” lighter that has not been made by the Zippo Manufacturing Company is a fake. There are many skilled craftsmen who can create a lighter that looks like a Zippo, so a collector must certainly be knowledgeable about Zippos.

What aspects of Zippo collective memorabilia make them valuable?

There are seven factors that affect the value of Zippos.

1. Appearance: Visually appealing lighters are more valuable.

2. Condition: Unworn, mint lighters are more valued than worn and abused ones.

3. Age: There are fewer older Zippos, so they are more valuable.

4. Rarity: Custom designed Zippos were produced in different quantities, so the fewer numbers are more valuable.

5. Type of surface treatment: Those Zippos that are hand-painted are rare and valuable.

6. Model type, i.e. standard or slim. This is less important than the surface design.

7. Theme: The theme or group of the memorabilia can affect the value.

Zippo collective memorabilia can be a fascinating hobby for a collector. It can provide a glimpse into the history, mores or fads of a country.

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